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WUXGA Laptop Found! It's a Dell?


Possibly against my better judgment, I bought a Dell... I guess eight months of looking created enough "shopping fatigue" that pretty much the first company that would have offered what I wanted, even close to my price range, would have gotten my business. And I need something to replace this crippled Frankenstein I'm currently using.

The machine I bought is not a quad core, but at the delivered to me price of $1,104.13 I'll take it. I didn't buy any of Dell's upgraded warranty contracts as, a) I'm not hard on machines and b) they want over 10% to bump you up one level. (One level upgrade is from one year to three years.)

Although them wanting an extra 10+% to warrant the machine for longer than a year somewhat frightens me. The implication is Dell's quality is so bad now that they expect about 1 in 10 machines to break after a year? Or they're money grubbing and think their customers are that stupid?

Okay, after writing that, I went and looked up the first level warranty upgrade price. It is $119. And while I was there I realized the regular price of the machine is $709, which I wasn't taking into account above. I did add some fairly beefy additions costing an extra 43% of the base price. So redoing the warranty costing, the extra warranty is not quite an extra 17%, which translates to Dell expecting about 1 out of SIX! notebooks to go 100% toast after one year? (Maybe that's two years? I'd have to dig up a statistics book to give you a perfect number.)

Now I'm very much less happy with my purchase and I'm hoping, really, really hoping, that Dell thinks their customers are total morons and that's why they are charging such a ridiculously high warranty upgrade price.

Also note, you can't actually find this machine on their site. A reference to a configurable Vostro 1720 comes up in a search for WUXGA (thankfully), but none of the listed Vostros have the option. Eventually I had a text chat with a sales rep and got this link:

Dell Vostro 1720 w/ WUXGA option

(Edit 4/16/10: Link is dead, "The product or offer you are attempting to locate is no longer available.")
(But! If you search for "WUXGA" on the Dell site, Vostro 1720 still shows up, so you can probably "chat" with them to find another link.)

Guard that link with your life! :) As, based on me ordering it yesterday (1/23) and it scheduled for shipping in March (3/12), they're having these swum in from Malaysia...

Final build below.

Happy 'puting,

Hey Dell!

On the off chance you see this page... You "lost" a bunch of money on me. I would have upgraded the machine to a quad core, but it wasn't an option. (And no, I wouldn't have bought the bloated Mobile Desktop / Precision instead.)

Actually, what I'd really liked is a complete build it myself concept. Let me select everything that I want in the machine, and then you give me the link(s) to machine(s) that satisfy it. Track that to final purchase and that'd be some valuable market research data too, dude.

You know, that would be so dead simple to create. A bunch of radio buttons to select components for each of a notebooks major components. CPU, GPU, Screen size, Screen resolution, HD speed, HD size, and I think that might be it.

Oh, well, if you use it, send me a tricked out Alienware with an i7 and a WUXGA (or better) screen resolution ;) That'd be cheap for kick ass marketing knowledge.

Here's my final build and some notes on the order process

$1,020 for Vostro 1720 (After tax: $1,104.13, Starting price: $709)
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P7570 w/VT (2.26GHz, 3MB L2, 1066MHz FSB)
1 Year Basic Limited Warranty plus 1 Year Mail-in Service
17.0 inch Premium UltraSharp™ WUXGA Display with TrueLife™
4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz, 2 DIMM
NVIDIA® GeForce™ 9600M GS 512MB
320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with Free Fall Sensor

You should carefully read each offer during checkout. Maybe I did an accidental mouse click, but, I really didn't want "my system Dell ServicesReady." Which after reading is a creepy service anyway.

And why is there a "Purchase Intent?" Both options, "Purchase is Not Intended for Resale [Included in Price]" and "Purchase is Intended for Resale add $0" cost you nothing. I'll admit I didn't want to open any cans of worms, I just selected not for resale.

During checkout, make up a company name and fill in the box, or it get's grumpy and makes you fill one in later anyway.

Why can't you tell me Shipping & Handling before I pay for the order? Ah, come on, you could ask for the shipping address before the credit card ya know. (It ended up as 3-5 Day Delivery: $8.00 - $8.00 = $0.00)

Don't forget check something in "Terms and Conditions of Sale" and "Trade Compliance." I'd bitch, but I guess them not having any default selection is legitimate.

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Dell hires fast swimmers :)

from: Dell Inc.
date: 29 Jan 2010 14:14

We are happy to inform you that your order shipped on 01/29/2010.Please review the information below for shipping details and an estimated delivery date for your order(s).Thank you for choosing Dell!

Est. Delivery Date: 02/02/2010

So, I'll have to take back all those grumpy, nasty, unsaid slanders...

Thanks for shipping it a month and a half early,

Damn, I'm in the exact same

Damn, I'm in the exact same boat as you. Having just found your post, the "secret" link to Dell's WUXGA Vostro's doesn't work any more. The new 17" Vostro's (3700) have a 1366x768 (1366x768!!!) screen!! What in the world??? That's crap!

Glad you found your machine. Still searching for mine...

Dell Link Dead

I was afraid of that.

The Dell person I chatted with did take some prodding to cough up the link, so that it's entirely gone now isn't that much of a surprise.

And really it isn't that 'great' of a machine anyway, my 4 year old P4 (may it rest in peace) had higher Bogomips. Okay, not much higher (~5200 vs. ~5100), and to be fair you could cook an egg on that Hyperthreaded beast, whereas the new Vostro can actually be put in your lap without being uncomfortable.

And 1366x768? OMG! WTF? (to coin a few phrases from the young-uns)

When you find you next machine, come back and post a link to your write up... Might as well point the few in the right direction ;)


exactly, nobody seems to care

exactly, nobody seems to care about resolution on laptops. Few years ago I bot a Dell M1530 with WUXGA, now i couldn't find a replacement!


Been searching for a page such as this for glad I found it! Basically non-computer literate senior so I depend on others' musings (pardon me) and yours are insightful, articulate and a breath of fresh air in today's muddled world. I write this on my company-supplied Dell Latitude D830 which I have had for approximately three years without a hiccup. My employer, 3500+, is 100% Dell and heavily involved with a multi-server network, etc etc. My only computer experience is on Dell and, while I believe all comments on Michael's Musings are valid (the content from all is very well written and presented with credible style); I, for one, have had no problem with the product. I bought my wife a Vostro 1710 WUXGA two+ years ago and, thankfully, it, too, has performed flawlessly. She VPN's daily in to her work over our wireless network at the house with no issues whatsoever. I, too, lament the apparent move away from WUXGA -- and that leads me to writing this note. I will be retiring in a couple of years and MUST have a 17" WUXGA as my final investment in the computing world....God only knows what I am going to end up with; but I love the Vostro's WUXGA screen. This computer (D830) HAD a matte screen -- I purchased a replacement WUXGA screen mail-order on the net two years ago and installed it myself with no difficulty. WUXGA screens are readily available on the web and, while I know it's not the "correct" thing to do, it seems to me that the answer is find a machine with everything else on it that one wants -- buy it -- and, for a reasonable price, "upgrade" it with a replacement WUXGA from a third party. I am constantly praised at how wonderful my laptop looks compared to everyone else's matte screen assemblies. It may not be kosher; but it worked well for me. Thanks again to all contributors and keep up the great work!!

Anything not sold by Dell voids your warranty

I recently spoke to Dell about ordering a WUXGA replacement LCD (1920x1600) for my perfectly functional but cramped 1680x1050 display. According to my sales person, Dell didn't offer any solutions at all. I told him about various online vendors selling Samsung-made WUXGA replacement LCD specifically designed to fit my "beloved" over-heating XPS M1530 laptop. He pointed out that attaching such a display would void my warranty.

Similarly, I wanted to put in a 500 GB 7200 rpm drive at Amazon. Nope, they won't support either. Any hardware that touches your Dell laptop had better have been purchased at Dell.

Over-heating laptop

Hi Shane,

Get yourself one of these:

Mine has lasted a year now, still stock fans, and still very quiet.

And on the warranty, 'eh, who buys those anymore? Long gone are the days of buying a laptop/notebook that you're not going to replace in a year or two. Buy a model with CPU/Screen you want then upgrade the rest off newegg or amazon...

Besides which Dell overcharges horribly on extras.

Not if they charge extra to get it from them

There's this "Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act" that sales reps intentionally lie about.


  • Warrantors cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty. This is commonly referred to as the "tie-in sales" provisions, and is frequently mentioned in the context of third-party computer parts, such as memory and hard drives.

However, IANAL, so do some research on what will keep your warranty intact and what won't, don't rely on any one-sentence summary.