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Latest Lenovo system update wipes phone


Just Great!

The latest system update for my Lenovo K910, Dual SIM Dual Active, wiped the phone clean. Contacts, phone call and SMS logs, pictures, installed apps.... Everything just gone.

This is what it got updated to:

{Update Date :2014-6-6 ???}

I had to ship this in from China, as tech in the US is so backwards you can't get DSDA here, but, Lenovo (who bought IBM's notebook line) sure isn't doing anyone any favors with their shoddy programming.

If you have a Lenovo, and it wants to do a system update to VIBE UI, you might want to hold off for the next release (or five).

And the irony is, this "new" "VIBE UI" looks horrible compared to the plain old "VIBE" that was on here prior.

Best of luck Lenovo retaining customers.

Clarification: This was an OTA update provided by Lenovo through the K910's default "System Update" application. The System Update application's About states:

{Chinese I can't read}
the most thoughtful ROM upgrade service
Current version 2.7.174
Email Address
Sina Weibo {Chinese}Phone{Chinese}
Check for updates
Lenovo All rights reserved
Copyright 2013 Lenovo All rights reserved

Update, 08:05 6/20/2014:

- The K910's default "Security" application no longer removes all Ads (or worse it adds its own?). There is now a fairly ubiquitous ad at the bottom of the screen in most third-party apps that was not there prior to this OS update. This ad is shown no matter what your Security settings are or what permissions the app has.

- "Failed to start monitor service, it is suggested to restart phone," always shows up in Security's App permission screen. There's a good possibility, based upon this and the above, that Lenovo's Security system app is entirely broken.

- Taskbar notification (or the application sweeper?) has been screwed up. Apps like WeatherBug use to be able to display the temperature in the taskbar after sweeping recently used app. Now apps have to be currently running (showing in the recently used app bar) to display notifications in the task bar.

- While you now get to choose more of the Theme settings, the really annoying things Lenovo added, like fuzzing the screen when displaying the recently used app bar, are not configurable.

The Lenovo K910 is a Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) [aka Dual SIM Dual Call / Dual Talk / Dual Pass] phone that allows you to have two lines on the same piece of phone hardware.



Can you help me.

I have a Lenovo K910 vibe Z
Android Version: 4.4.2
Internal version number: VIBEUI_V2.0_01516_7.421.1_ST_K910
My phone is in English and Chinese and I'd like to put it in French but I do not know how.

Thank You


Hi Michael,

I also have the same phone. Ended up with this after 2 months of searching for a good dual SIM phone. Had to order this from China though.

Good to know that you have tried VIBEUI_V1.5_1423_10_ST_K910.

Was this on OTA update Or did you get this from needrom? Is it stable?

Also, is there some step-by-step guide in English to flash this ROM? Could you please share details as to how you did it...

Thanks a lot for the help,

OTA update as provided by Lenovo

Hi Praveen,

An OTA update provided by Lenovo, see the clarification to the main post for details.

> is there some step-by-step guide in English to flash this ROM?

If you're willing to learn a lot and read 88 pages and counting, you could try:

[ROOT]Lenovo Vibe Z (K910) - xda-developers

I haven't attempted that post's instructions, as I was using the official update channel for its expected stability and its expected "not screwing up the phone" because its direct from the manufacturer.

Obviously I was wrong in that choice ...

Rooting K910 with VibeUI 1.5

Hi Michael,

I went through the forum. But I could not see anyone talking about rooting the latest version of the ROM that you (and I) have installed. Were you able to root it? How are you able to run Google play on it?


OTA update as provided by Lenovo

Thanks Michael. I will try going through the forum as you suggested.