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System Levels and System Power Tables | Tales of Honor, The Secret Fleet


Tables of the System Levels and System Power, including individual power components specifications.

Game Guide for the Tales of Honor, The Secret Fleet


Many years ago David Weber started a book series about Honor Harrington, a naval officer of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

Component Rarities, Levels, and per System | Tales of Honor, The Secret Fleet


Component Rarities and Levels*

[C] Common (White), Levels 1 - 4

[UC] Uncommon (Green), Levels 2 - 4

[R] Rare (Blue), Levels 3 - 7

[VR] Vary Rare (Purple), Levels 4 - 8

[L] Legendary (Orangeish-Tan), Levels 5 - ??
For Level 7 your Officer needs to be Lv 14
For Level 9 your Officer needs to be Lv 16

* Not all components attain max level for their class.

Elric Sector | Tales of Honor, The Secret Fleet


We get to play Pirate! Yeah!? But, they downgraded my ship :( This is the first sector where you'll need to use anything beyond the basic missile (Hull Penetrator).

Your Ship

Ship Name: The Blackavar

Class: [Pirate]
Hull: 4000
Missile Tubes: 3 (Max Level: 8)
Laser (Max Level: 10)
Counter Missiles (Max Level: 8)
ECM (Max Level: 8)
Crew: 1,200

Latest Lenovo system update wipes phone


Just Great!

The latest system update for my Lenovo K910, Dual SIM Dual Active, wiped the phone clean. Contacts, phone call and SMS logs, pictures, installed apps.... Everything just gone.

This is what it got updated to:

{Update Date :2014-6-6 ???}

Lenovo: Chat Tech's Uninformed and Without Managers, Warranties not honored.


In my continuing quest to find a Dual Sim Dual Active phone, I online chatted with a Lenovo employee. It didn't go well, but Lenovo's sales rep has created my new favorite phrase.

is that a phone?

It's days later and I still start laughing every time I think of it.

Gigabyte GSmart Simba SX1 not available in the US


In my quest to track down a Dual SIM Dual Active phone, I tried to see if there was anyway to get a GSmart Simba SX1in the US. As shown below, Gigabyte doesn't sell in the US at all :(

3/4/2014 11:15 AM
Question: Where is [the GSmart Simba SX1] available in the USA?

3/6/2014 8:02 AM

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your mail and inquiry.

Cheap 300 W/m^2 with a Fresnel lens and a Tesla Turbine


For whatever reason, I was laughing to myself recently about the old Myth Busters Archimedes' Ancient Death Ray episode where they used 100s of kids, with flat mirrors, and couldn't to set fire to a boat [1]. Well, duh! Anyone who's used a parabolic mirror to melt copper in seconds can only wonder if the whole thing was a setup. The whole point to concentrating solar energy is to NOT use a flat reflective surface. A simple round (large, ~4 ft.) piece of polished bronze mounted with a bolt in the middle to provide for changing the concavity to move the focal point is all Archimedes would have needed to set any house, or boat, on fire [2].

Okay, moving on, that's not really the topic of this post, but it did get me to thinking about concentrating solar heat energy and why there isn't a cheap solar to electric generator on the market?

GNOME 3, KDE 4 Developers: "We're doing it our way. Suck it up Princess!"


Has the entire Linux desktop development space gone suicidal? Were they just bought off by Microsoft, to make the two most used desktops a complete mess?

Seriously, developers, we just want a desktop that works. Keep your bells, whistles, and we don't care about the users attitudes to yourselves AND STOP thinking it's okay to shove stuff down our throats. You aren't Microsoft. I'm sorry you feel we the users have to suffer like Microsoft users suffer. Good Bye KDE. Good Bye GNOME.

Which left me hanging. Seriously, I've just pitched out the two most used Linux desktops out there . . .

Translating Women


How to translate what a woman says (the men's version):

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